A Metro Detroit florist suggests the best way to order flowers as Valentine’s Day approaches


ROMEO, Mich. – It’s not too late to order flowers for your partner for Valentine’s Daywhich is Monday (February 14), and it’s not too late to help your local florist In the process.

It doesn’t matter where you are or where you’re sending flowers to, your local florist asks you to take an extra step before ordering.

“Call us direct,” Roz Mischley said with the Romeo village florist. “It’s very easy to click a button on the internet, but often people get what we call ‘order takers’ who are just computerized order takers.”

Mischley has been doing this for 35 years and she’ll tell you how online ordering has gotten pretty tricky too. You might think you’re ordering from your local establishment because web designers have become adept with mirroring websites.

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“They can hijack phone numbers and addresses, and they always say ‘we’re your local florist, we can order anywhere in 24 hours,'” Mischley said. “When you see that, you have to know they can’t do that.”

Even if you get a reputable online business, many are order takers who give that specific order to the little local guy.

“Take a big what they would call a service charge, and they pay a minimum for flowers “, Mischley said. “Well, they send us this minimum for flowers ; they do not send us this service fee. So they get this big chunk of change that we have to fill the order for this minimum amount.

Service charge may cost local florist up to 30% of the price. So consider this, if you’re ordering online from an on-farm flower service and that order costs a total of $108.90 for a dozen roses, the local florist who fulfills this order will only receive a maximum of $76 depending on the fee structure.

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But if you spent $76 on your local floristnot only will all of those profits stay in that community, but you’ll likely get more for your money by paying less.

“You get a quality product that’s brought in for Valentine’s Day,” Mischley said. “We always cut the product that has just come to us, and that product will come out rather than it’s Saturday, Sunday, Monday, everything happens within days of receiving it.”

And for that an extra step is to find online and make a call. Ask for the physical address of the store. If it’s within five or ten miles of the person you’re sending the flowers to and you’re happy to be dealing with a local brick and mortar, that extra step goes a long way.

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