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What happens when two Bronxites – an experienced florist and a successful ex-banker – team up to play with flowers? Read on and find out.

Bronx Florist Lea Davis is teaming up with her best friend, ex-banker Erika Moncada, to revamp Bella’s Flower Shop, an upscale luxury floral boutique in the Bronx, located at 288 West Fordham Road.

“We are excited about our upcoming partnership,” says Davis. “We will be undergoing a full storefront renovation and the business name will change from Bella’s Flower Shop to Bella’s Flowers. We plan to expand to other New York boroughs including Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

Bella’s Flower Shop has been serving the Bronx and surrounding areas for 12 years. They are the first Bronx Florist to create fresh flower arrangements in Parisian hatboxes, inspired by European sophistication and elegance. They also offer a whole collection of stabilized roses and roses that last a year without water or maintenance.

“I have decided to partner with my best friend of over 25 years to serve our community even better,” says Davis. “We believe that with my expertise in marketing and product development and his competence in operations, we will form an A team!”

Davis and Moncada first met at their local church 25 years ago. Both partners immigrated from Honduras, grew up in the Bronx, and attended Baruch College in New York. After college, Moncada got into banking and eventually managed a Chase Bank in the Bronx, while Davis got into the real estate business.

Before the housing crash of 2008, she bought properties cheaply, renovated them and resold them for a profit. After the market crash, his successful business came to a screeching halt.

“We had two properties that we couldn’t unload,” says Davis. “I felt lost and broken.”

Feeling that any opportunity would be better than none, Davis started scouring Craigslist for a solution.

“I clearly remember going through Craigslist and seeing an ad for a small flower shop,” says Davis. “The asking price wasn’t high, so I just agreed. My mother was with me, encouraging me and telling me that I could do it. She was the only one who believed in me. I will never forget that!”

Davis bought her flower shop in 2010 and named it after her beloved niece, Isabella. At the time, it was a small, unprofitable business, but not for long. Davis worked hard and quickly turned the Bronx florist into a thriving business. Just two years later, the business outgrew the space and moved to a larger storefront, where the store thrives today.

“Erika and I love the Bronx. We grew up here and worked here all our lives,” says Davis. “We want to bring the best innovative products to the people of the Bronx.”

The transition to Bella’s Flowers will allow Davis and Moncada to improve their customer service experience.

“We want the interactions our customers have with us to be positive throughout the customer journey, from first contact to becoming a happy and loyal customer. We also want to continue to be this innovative force in flowers and gifts in the Bronx and branch out into other New York neighborhoods,” said Davis.

“Customers want to give their loved ones something different, and we love being at the forefront of innovation. We have customers from every borough in New York looking for our exclusive, bespoke floral arrangements. They tell me all the time, “I’m from far away. My local florist doesn’t sell this!”

Although Moncada officially joins the company, she is no stranger to the floral industry. She is used to helping her best friend run the flower shop during the busiest times of the year.

“Erika has helped out on major holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, and we’ve always bounced around the idea of ​​partnering up,” says Davis. “His strengths are my weaknesses and vice versa. She excels in organization, logistics, management and operations. My strengths are marketing and advertising, e-commerce and product development.

Davis, Moncada and Bella’s Flowers are a testament to what’s possible with hard work and persistence – even in the face of a real estate crash and a global pandemic.

“As minority women, we are grateful to this country, and especially the Bronx, for being so good to us,” Davis said. “I remember seeing the struggles my immigrant parents went through raising us in the Bronx. They have sacrificed a lot, and we will not let that sacrifice be in vain. We want to do something recognizable – something classy and prestigious – that comes out of our home, the Bronx. »


About Bella’s Flowers

Bella’s Flowers is a full-service, family-owned and operated Bronx flower shop. Services include Bronx Florist Delivery, Funeral Flowers, Flowers in Hatboxes, Preserved Roses, Wedding Flowers, Assorted Plant Arrangements, Anniversary Arrangements, Anniversary Bouquets, etc Bella’s Flowers staff are always happy to create custom arrangements based on the color schemes, personalities or types of events their clients desire.

To learn more about Bella’s Flowers, readers are encouraged to visit here.

Orders can be placed online, in store at 288 West Fordham Road, Bronx, NY 10468, or by calling 347-577-5300.

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