Considering a wedding florist in Ireland? Here is everything you need to know

How much does a wedding florist cost on average?

“How long is a string! It’s so difficult to give an average due to the varying requirements for each wedding. To put it into perspective, at Adonis Flower Designers we cater to every request, from a bridal bouquet unique, which starts at 150€ to a place adorned with flowers, which could number in the thousands!

“As a rough guide, an ‘average’ listing of a bridal bouquet, two bridesmaids, a few boutonnieres, and three to four arrangements for the ceremony would have a starting price of around $900. When quoting for larger weddings, each item is priced individually and we would allocate a set-up and delivery charge depending on the amount of work involved, and this would include an additional member of staff to assist on site, hours overtime, overtime, etc.

“You’ll find many comments that ‘wedding’ means more expensive, but couples should consider that by the time a bridal bouquet is booked, we’ve probably already spent about two to three hours of our time on the e-mails, telephone calls, etc. and the rates take into account the time of the professional.

How do you get to know the bride and groom?

“It largely depends on the preference of the couple. We have couples who like to have everything sorted by email or phone, to have everything put away quickly, and that’s another job on the to-do list. We also have couples who like to pop into the St Patrick’s shop, meet the team and chat in person.

“For larger on-site weddings, we would arrange an in-person meeting and a guided tour. All approaches suit us, we want our couples to feel satisfied with the progress of their projects with us. As a bride-to-be myself, I’m also aware of the other side of the fence and what it’s like to communicate with wedding vendors. It’s important to feel like you matter as a customer, and that’s what we’re aiming for here.

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Do you put flower arrangements or can the bride customize bouquets, arrangements, etc?

“No fixed arrangements, each wedding and couple is unique and we create the right wedding list for each couple. All our bouquets and wedding arrangements are tailor-made and we have no fixed menu!

How far in advance should I book a florist?

“For peak wedding season in the summer, I would recommend getting a secure date with a deposit a year in advance if possible. I’ve noticed a lot of last minute bookings lately; I think the uncertainties and the aftermath of so many sadly postponed weddings means demand for weekend dates, especially in 2022 and 2023, is higher than usual.

What schedule should you put in place?

“It really depends on the amount of configuration required. We would liaise with the couple and venues to confirm access times. Our goal is always to have the installation fully completed one hour before the ceremony.

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What are some of your favorite places you’ve done and why?

“Ah, tough question! In the city center I would list Medley, Stephen’s Green Club, 20 Fitzwilliam Place, Fallon & Byrne and Smock Alley as some of my favorite places for reasons such as the great atmosphere, setting and really helpful and friendly staff. I also like the beautiful rooms of the Merrion hotel, in such a classic style.

“In the not-so-urban centre, I love the country houses like Tinakilly and Tankardstown and, for theater, the castles of Kilkea and Luttrellstown. Of course, I must mention the beautiful City Hall for ceremonies, and there is also a wonderful new non-denominational and spiritual wedding ceremony venue on Thomas Street. Called City Sanctuary, it is a beautiful building recently renovated and run by the wonderful celebrant Karen Ni Dhiomasaigh.”

Any advice for future brides?

“Trust your wedding florist and do your research. Take a look at their social media to see the style they work with. Be open with the budget; we are fighting rising costs in all aspects of the industry and we will do our best to work with you and create something beautiful and guide you to the best choices for the day.

“Prepare some pictures of the styles you would like to show your florist so we can get an idea. For example, a mood board is a good way to bring colors and themes together. Also ask for our opinion; we’ve had years of training and we’re here to help.

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