Florist Reveals Top Tips for Choosing the Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day While Sticking to a Budget


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and it’s the season to give (and receive) flowers.

9Honey interviews florist Bryce Heyworth, co-founder of September Studios — on how to make your flower bouquet something really special this year (while also staying on a budget).

Heyworth’s studio is located in Sydney’s Darlinghurst, where he and his team make sure to only source from local, ethical producers, which he says is key to keeping the price reasonable.

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Bryce Heyworth recommends choosing native flowers. (Instagram/@september__studio)

Heyworth tells me the best way to cut prices is to go with native flowers: “Native ones will always be cheaper because you save on import costs.”

“There is an increase in freight on imported roses, which makes them very expensive.”

If you have cost in mind when choosing flowers, Heyworth says, “Choosing local, sustainable rose production is really important.”

While much of the hype around Valentine’s Day is associated with roses, Heyworth tells me there’s been a shift in demand, with many people looking for more unique flower arrangements.

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“When I buy flowers, I don’t choose flowers based on ‘an occasion’ but I buy for a person,” he says. “Knowing what a person wants and likes is far more important than sticking to a tradition.”

Spreading love is one of the essentials of Valentine’s Day and Heyworth says giving flowers is a way to show a loved one how much you appreciate them.

“When choosing flowers, it’s always really important to know who you’re buying for and to take the time to find something that would suit them – not just buy 12 roses because you think that’s what you should. To do.”

One of the biggest tips Heyworth has for anyone considering buying flowers for the big day – “don’t leave it to the last minute.”

As a florist, he says you’ll be doing yourself (and your florist) a favor by ordering ahead.

“It takes the pressure off the florist by giving them more time to prepare and order the right flowers for your arrangement.”

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