Local florist back at prestigious Rose Parade


The traditional Tournament of Roses parade will return after a year-long hiatus on New Year’s Day, as will a Swift Current florist who is part of a crew working on one of the floats.

Poppy Parsons, an AIFD, CFD and CAFA certified florist and owner of Smart Flowers, is also a float decorator with Fiesta Floats and is in Pasadena, Calif., this week working on one of dozens of floats that will be seen by millions. of people in the world. world in this year’s parade.

“Being a florist and opening up opportunities to try different things and learn and grow is something I’ve always wanted to do in my career, and the Rose Parade completely shows North America the beauty and love of flowers. flowers”, Parsons mentioned. “Nobody from Saskatchewan has ever worked for them before, so I’m the first from Saskatchewan. There are normally a few Canadians on our team, but this year we have a really select group that was flown in, so I’m the only Canadian working at Fiesta Floats this year. When they called me on the team this year, I was just proud…it’s such an honor to be entrusted with this colossal undertaking.

Parsons’ team is working on the Donate Life float titled ‘Courage to Hope’, which is scheduled as number 20 for this year’s parade. Donate Life is a charitable organization that encourages Americans to consider becoming organ, tissue and blood donors.

“You can look for a beautifully decorated float with tons of pinks, purples and red flowers of all kinds, but the theme of the float is the courage shown by donor families, living donors and awaiting recipients, and it is symbolized by the winged lion of Piazza di San Marco, Venice, Italy,” she said, adding that she also worked on the Donate Life float during the last Rose Parade in 2020.

“There are a lot of people who have worked on floral floats for 20, 25 years and this group of people is like a family,” Parsons added. “There are a lot of regular volunteers who put in countless hours, they’ve done over 10,000 volunteer hours on the tanks this year, and they remember us, so it’s like a little reunion. They invite us to join them and welcome us with open arms. Decorating on the float and being there when the recipients and donor families are there and sharing their stories, we just feel like we’re part of this incredible movement encouraging people to give and give life through organ, tissue, eye and blood donations across America. Hearing these stories, speaking with survivors, or speaking with family members when their loved ones passed away, they brought others to life, it is truly an emotional but so fulfilling week.

“It’s really an important message for us too,” she added. “It’s a very easy thing to do to just check your license just to say I want to give birth if something happens to me and tell your family about it. It’s really important.

The 133rd Rose Parade will begin at 10 a.m. Saskatchewan time on Saturday morning and will air nationally in the United States on NBC and ABC. There is also a commercial-free broadcast of the parade on KTLA-TV in Los Angeles, which is available on most cable packages in Swift Current.



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