Loma Linda Florist Bids Farewell by Jim Watson


Dear friends, neighbors and loyal customers,

My name is Jim, the owner of Loma Linda Florist located at 10559 Anderson Street in Loma Linda. Recently, my staff (whom I call my family) and I decided it was time for Loma Linda Florist to close its doors. You see, all of us at the shop have spent endless hours and years in the floral industry and now is the time to retire. Having been so involved in multiple parts of this beautiful industry, he has fulfilled many dreams and created many memories for us and for you, our customers. That being said, and most of all, I want to thank you for supporting Loma Linda Florist and allowing us to share those special moments when only flowers can tell how we feel. Again and again I say thank you, and it comes from my heart.

Before we officially close, we have a clearance sale and everything has to go. Everything and all prices will be reduced, even light fixtures, shelves and display accessories. At low prices, other items of interest in our sale include home decor, flowers, wall accents, paintings, prints, mirrors, antique furniture, stuffed ducks, pheasants and peacocks. Wedding and reception presentation props, equipment and other miscellaneous supplies. We will be starting our sale this week and hope to see you there.

It is with heavy hearts that this decision is made as many of you consider us family. Wishing God always bless you.

More sincerely,

Jim Watson and his team

PS It’s not the end, it’s until we meet again.


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