Summerhill Florist: serving you and your loved ones for 38 years


With nearly 40 years of hard work and customer service, Colette and her team have carved out a niche and created exceptional memories for every occasion.

Summerhill Florist opened in 1984 and has been the leading florist in Airdrie and surrounding towns for almost 40 years. Colette Provencher, the current owner of Summerhill Florist, worked for the previous owners before acquiring the busy shop in 2010.

Summerhill Florist, also part of the Telefora network, allows Colette to wire flowers around the world.

“One of the main reasons for our decades of success is our customer service and our confidence in our products,” says Colette. “Customer service and the best products are important because our buyers are more than customers. They are men and women who convey an emotional impact, be it love, sympathy, “just because” or congratulations. Because of this impact, it is important to me to develop these client relationships. From order to delivery, each step contributes to the emotions of the journey.

The depth of customer service can be seen in a simple action that Colette and her team have done for years. They carry dog ​​treats on deliveries.

“Most people have dogs and they are part of the family, therefore part of the experience”, smiles Colette.

She has grown the business by moving with the times, offering gourmet baskets in the past and now fresh homemade cookies for holidays and occasions. “I like to keep things a little different,” says Colette.

Yet there is a real threat not only to his floral studio, but to all independent florists in the province. You, as a consumer, are an unwitting part of the problem and you don’t even know it.

Do you know what an online floral picking is? These are sites that “catch” orders intended to go directly to the florist. Tote pickers verbiage such as “you place the order and we deliver it to the florist of your choice for less because we save you their fees and markups. If you agree, we fulfill and place the order! Sounds good, no It’s a scam.

These orders are not sent to the florist for whom they are intended. Instead, they go to distribution centers. The florist doesn’t hear about the order at all until the customer calls to complain about substandard flowers and lousy delivery. At that point, when the client knows the truth, it’s too late.

These order collectors have been sued time and time again for false advertising and misinformation, but when it’s easy to copy legitimate web addresses and pay for search engines like Google push ads, collectors can – and do – go wild.

Colette explains: “The gatherings of order seem local, but they are not. Nor are they florists. These are virtual businesses. They just take orders and take them away from real florists. When someone types Summerhill Florist into the search bar, these command groups leverage AdWords and display the names of local florists in their ads. People are being hijacked and they don’t realize it. It’s only when they get their statement or a disappointing order that they realize they didn’t order flowers from me. No one can go against Google, so educating and empowering my customers is how I go about combating that. »

To avoid being duped, Colette encourages you to do this whenever you shop online at Summerhill Florist or any local store:

  • Make sure the URL matches the business name – exactly
  • Check if the match is tagged as “Ad” or “Sponsored” and if so, see who purchased the ad space
  • Orders over the phone instead of ordering online
  • If in doubt, check

With nearly 40 years of hard work and customer service, Colette and her team have carved out a niche and created exceptional memories for every occasion. With a bit of vigilance in the wake of the ongoing Order Manifold issue, you can help keep that momentum going. Visit the Summerhill website and Instagram for more.


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