The Fiji Times » Nina’s love of flowers – Florist spells her magic with a variety of colors


Sell ​​with a good heart – that’s the advice of 54-year-old Suva City Market florist Nina Tuimouta. Tuimouta has been a florist for 10 years, a career she says has allowed her to market herself.

“It shows how I manage to put a variety of colors in a flower arrangement and think about the color combination,” she says.

“The flowers are real, not artificial.”

Tuimouta says having other florists in the market makes her job easier by allowing them to share knowledge and learn from each other.

“When our flowers don’t sell, I tell the ladies not to lose hope, just keep arranging their flowers.

“To be a florist, you have to be patient. Customers will come but you have to be good all the time.

The Nasau villager receives orders from business clients every day, with the price of her arrangements ranging from $70 to $100 for a flower wreath while a flower bouquet costs $10.

Tuimouta starts her day at 6 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. working on flowers she has provided by two women who live in Naitasiri and Tailevu.

“I don’t have to worry about my flowers because I know my suppliers will bring them,” she says.

While sharing her experiences, Tuimouta also advises women to plant flowers around their compounds at home.

“Don’t underestimate what you plant.

“Within two to three months, you can start making money from the flowers you plant, even the leaves.”

It’s the kind of advice that comes from experience and financial independence. ”

You will be happy to go home with something in hand to feed your children with food on the table,” she adds.


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