Woman who started florist featured on EastEnders now earns over £500,000 a year


Anna Jenkins, who founded florist Silky Bouquet aged 22, featured her designs on hit soap EastEnders and now generates half a million pounds a year through social media.

One of Anna Jenkins’ creations was used in EastEnders actress Tina Carter’s funeral scene

A woman who started a flower shop aged just 22 has turned it into a business that generates over £500,000 a year – and her flowers have even appeared on EastEnders.

Florist Anna Jenkins, now 34, created Silky Bouquets in 2011 fresh out of college, where she had studied textiles.

As the name suggests, Silky Bouquets creates handmade floral tributes from silk.

The company makes them for events like weddings and baby showers, but Anna says funerals are where most of his creations are presented.

Clients ask her to create personalized designs to remember their loved ones.

These include Elvis Presley tributes, as well as those inspired by the character Del Boy from the British sitcom Only Fools and Horses.

His other funeral designs include Buzz Lightyear, Maltesers boxes, Peter Rabbit and Chanel lipstick designs.

But his most viewed designs were those featured on the hit soap opera EastEnders.

One of the designs made by Silky Bouquets


Anna Jenkins)

Anna paid the floral tributes that appeared on the show when they were much loved character Tina Carter is dead .

The designs, such as silk flowers spelling out the word “Auntie”, were placed in the back of a multicolored hearse when Tina’s coffin was taken to her funeral.

Another of her most memorable requests was a 15-foot-long name sign, which she said was “obscene”, took her two and a half days to make and left her fingers bleeding for weeks.

Anna said much of her business comes from people seeing her designs on social media like Instagram, Facebook and TikTok and then getting in touch.

Silky Bouquets makes anything you can think of – even drum kits


Anna Jenkins)

She added: “Most customers find us on social media and then call us asking us to create something bespoke for them. People see all the personalized tributes we have given to others and are inspired by that. they might want to create.”

“Or the younger ones see our ‘build a bouquet with me’ videos on TikTok and then come visit our physical store.”

But Anna said small business lender iwoca that using social media for your business can be a curse as well as a blessing.

Jenkins’ company has also made floral designs inspired by Disney movies like the Cars series.


Anna Jenkins)

She added: “Anyone and anyone can interact with your pages, so it’s much easier to get in trouble with customers who, regardless of service level, want to damage your reputation. business.

“You find so many more customers like this online because it’s so easy for them to instantly message or leave lasting reviews that are often unfair or false, for everyone to see.”

She said one example was when she made a custom car with flowers, with a license plate, for a funeral.

But the customer who ordered the floral tribute said it never arrived – despite appearing in photos from the event on social media.

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